Stay away Covid: need for an assessment

The STAYAWAY COVID is an application that runs on iOS and Android mobile phones and is intended to support the country in its efforts to screen for COVID-19. By monitoring the individual most recent contacts, the app allows to know whether one have been exposed to the disease. It is entirely voluntary and free and requires no access to the identity or personal data.
There are still several questions that have not been answered, once the app uses the “Exposure Notification” features provided by Google and Apple operating systems for contact tracing purposes. Moreover, the Android and iOS operating systems are responsible for exchanging the random identifiers between mobile phones, and for detecting which random identifiers were broadcast via the mobile phones over.
Several issues and concerns were published by APDSI (association for te development aof Information Society) and by DECO (association for the defense of consumers) among others, but were not responded by the government.

Info on the app:

António B. Moniz