Ana  Rita C. Duarte

Ana Rita C. Duarte

Principal Investigator

Ana Rita C. Duarte was born in Lisbon in 1978. Currently Associate Professor at the Chemistry Department from Faculdade de Ciências  Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She was previsously Research Assistant at the 3B’s research group at Universidade do Minho, where she worked for 10 years.

Alexandre  Paiva

Alexandre Paiva

Assistant Researcher

Alexandre Paiva was born in Lisbon in 1978. He graduated in Chemical Engineering from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL) in 2001 and completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering − Thermodynamics and Biocatalysis from the Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg in Germany, 2008. In that year, he returned to FCT-UNL as a Postdoc researcher at REQUIMTE within the project “Biodiesel production from green sources using supercritical technology”.

Ana  Roda

Ana Roda

PhD Student

Ana Roda graduated in biochemistry and holds an MSc in Biochemistry for Health (2016). She was a research fellow at the Nutraceuticals & Bioactives Process Technology Lab, from iBET, with participation in the Winesense european project, in an international collaboration with Nanyang Technological University and iNOVA4Health – RG5. She was mainly involved in the extraction of bioactive compounds and formulation of nano/micro delivery systems through supercritical fluid technology.

Ana Rita  Gameiro

Ana Rita Gameiro

Post-doctoral Researcher

Ana Rita Gameiro was born in 1986 in Lisbon. She graduated in Chemistry in 2008 from Universidade de Lisboa, and in 2010 she finished her MSc in Chemistry, Health and Nutrition from the same university. She obtained her PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2015 from Universidade de Lisboa in collaboration with New York University at Abu Dhabi and Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina. Her PhD research project focused on the development and biological evaluation of new C-glycosyl dihydrochalcones as SGLT2 inhibitors for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Ângelo  Rocha

Ângelo Rocha

Post-doctoral Researcher

Ângelo was born in 1986 in Guimarães and graduated, in 2011, in Applied Chemistry at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia – Universidade Nova de Lisboa. In 2013, he obtained a Master degree in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Faculdade de Farmácia – Universidade de Lisboa. In 2018, Ângelo finished his PhD in Chemistry at Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade de Lisboa, in collaboration with Faculdade de Farmácia – Universidade de Lisboa.

Cláudio  Fernandes

Cláudio Fernandes

Research Fellow

Cláudio Fernandes is currently a finalist of the Biochemistry course, at the School of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon. In the ambit of his academic work, he developed great interest for the area of Green Chemistry, leading him to a final graduation project in this field, which is providing important experience in scientific research.

Duarte   Rente

Duarte Rente

Research Fellow

Duarte Rente graduated from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in 2017 with a master’s degree in chemical and biochemical engineering. During his studies he became interested in the field of Green Chemistry, which lead him to develop his master’s thesis on the field. The master’s thesis was entitled “Power to Gas – Reducing global warming by producing methane through carbon dioxide hydrogenation”, where he worked with high pressure reactors, supercritical CO2 and ionic liquids, in order to optimize methane production.

Filipa  Santos

Filipa Santos

PhD Student

Filipa Santos graduated in Pharmacy at Superior School of Health and Technologies of Porto – Polytechnic Institute of Porto (2008-2012), and obtained her Master Degree in Biochemistry Applied to Biomedicine at University of Minho during 2012-2015. She was a research Fellow in Advanced Therapies for Health at 3B's Research Group (2016-2017) and, in the present, she is a PhD Student in Doctoral Programme of Sustainable Chemistry at Faculty of Sciences and Technology – UNL.

Filipe  Oliveira

Filipe Oliveira

Research Fellow

Filipe Oliveira was born in Lisbon in 1991. He graduated in Biology (2015), with specialization in Genetics and Cell Biology, at Faculdade de Ciências from Universidade de Lisboa, and obtained his MSc in Biotechnology (2018) at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. During his master thesis, developed in a partnership between ITQB-UNL and iBiMED-UA, he had the opportunity to develop a plant based expression platform for the molecular pharming of antihypertensive peptides.

Hugo  Monteiro

Hugo Monteiro

Research Fellow

Hugo Monteiro was born in Cascais in 1990 and obtained his MSc degree in Biochemistry at School of Sciences and Technology from NOVA University of Lisboa (2016). During his master thesis, he had the opportunity to develop research based on the search of new natural probes to identify different base pairs of DNA and RNA using photochemical techniques, at Photochemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry Group-FCT-UNL.

Inês  Ferreira

Inês Ferreira

Research Fellow

Inês Ferreira was born in 1995. She graduated in Medical Chemistry by Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade de Coimbra, in 2017, and obtained her MSc in Applied Pharmacology in 2019 by Faculdade de Farmácia, Universidade de Coimbra. Her MCs dissertation was performed at Neuroendocrinology and Aging group at the Center for Neuroscience and Cellular Biology, Universidade de Coimbra, entitled “Gastrointestinal Tract alterations in a Mouse Model of Progeria”.

Liane  Meneses

Liane Meneses

PhD Student

Liane Meneses was born in 1993 in Terceira island, Azores. She graduated in Biomedical Sciences by Universidade de Aveiro in 2015 and obtained her MSc in Biotechnology by Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2017. Her master thesis was developed under the supervision of Doctor Alexandre Paiva and Doctor Filomena Freitas and was entitled “Evaluation of sub-, supercritical fluids as solvents for extraction and impregnation of polyhydroxyalkanoates”.

Liliana  Rodrigues

Liliana Rodrigues

PhD Student

Liliana Rodrigues is a PhD student in Sustainable Chemistry at the Nutraceuticals and Bioactives Process Technology Lab of iBET (Food and Health Division), and holds a master degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia – Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (2014).

Luísa  Pereira

Luísa Pereira

Project Manager

Luísa Pereira graduated in Biology (2005) at University of Aveiro. Since then, she was involved in several professional areas and contexts. She worked in hospital/ clinical, business and academic settings, in areas like biotechnology, health, pharmacy, medical writing or R&D project management and consultancy, which provided her a variety of skills and significant experience. Additionally, she has training and knowledge in clinical trials, intellectual property, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and cell culture/ biobanking.

Maria Miguel  Castro

Maria Miguel Castro

Research Fellow

Maria Miguel Castro graduated in Biochemistry from University of Évora (2014), and obtained her Msc degree in Biochemistry (2016) from University of Porto/Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS). On the first year of MSc degree, she participated in extracurricular internship integrated in the project about the influence of glycation in iron-binding to blood plasma proteins.