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Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

DES Solve Research group is welcoming researchers from abroad and supporting their application for the Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) within COST action GREENERING. This action has the possibility to fund several STSMs. These are short term missions of scientific character up to about one month, funded up to about 3k€ (daily costs and traveling costs). The application is really easy, and it is allowed to exchange between uni-uni or industry-uni or uni-industry.

New manuscript in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)

Reza Haghbakhsh and Ana Rita C. Duarte from the DES Solve Research Group, LAQV, NOVA-ST, Portugal in collaboration with Sona Raeissi from Shiraz University, Iran have just published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports, from Nature Publishing Group, a new manuscript on:

Participation in the 1st GREENERING International Conference

Des.solve team members participated in the 1st GREENERING International Meeting, with several poster presentations and 3 talks, given by Ângelo Rocha, Inês Dinis and Hugo Monteiro. Congratulations to all for the excellent work!

Portuguese research increases the effectiveness of dexamethasone in the treatment of COVID-19

Following our previous publication about the benefit of specific THEDES in the administration of dexamethasone for Covid-19, we are now pleased to share with you the press releases. Check it in the links below:

DES-based new product in the BfK RISE Program

In the ambit of Born from Knowledge RISE Acceleration Program, promoted by Agência Nacional de Inovação, yesterday, some members of our team participated in the Demo Day (Alentejo edition) final event, representing Des Solutio and a new product. During 3 months, the team had intensive training and mentoring to take the product to the market. The presented product was ImproVITA - a natural solution to increase the shelf-life of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables - which is based on Deep Eutectic Systems.

DES on the spotlight to fight COVID-19

Regarding the latest news about Dexamethasone, THEDES (Therapeutic Deep Eutectic Systems) may play an important role in the fight of COVID-19. In a research study, carried out by LAQV-REQUIMTE, in collaboration with 3B´s Research Group, it was found that THEDES based on Choline Chloride and Ascorbic Acid significantly enhance the bioavailability of Dexamethasone in physiological media.

NOVA Science magazine – ERC Grantees

The annual publication of Universidade Nova de Lisboa – NOVA Science magazine – highlighted, in 2019, some ERC Grantees, that represent the excellent research carried out at the University. One of them is Drª. Ana Rita Duarte, Principal Investigator of the project DES.SOLVE. You can read the full article in the following link (page 66 of the publication and page 34 of the PDF):

"Natural deep eutectic systems in drug discovery and human health - breakthroughs in a liquid phase"​

In the ambit of the conference IC3TC 2019 - 3rd International Caparica Christmas Conference on Translational Chemistry 2019, organized by the Bioscope/ Proteomass research group, Prof. Ana Rita Duarte gave a talk with the title "Natural deep eutectic systems in drug discovery and human health - breakthroughs in a liquid phase". The complete presentation can be seen here:

Des.solve new published video article

Des.solve new published video article

A new article created by Des.solve group is now live on JoVE video journal. The article focuses on the Preparation of Binary and Ternary Deep Eutectic Systems, using a reproducible protocol that aims to standardize the preparation of these systems throughout the scientific community. JoVE articles consist of high-quality video demonstrations and detailed text protocols which facilitate scientific reproducibility and productivity.

Interview of Prof. Ana Rita Duarte in Antena 1

Prof. Ana Rita Duarte was invited to do an interview in Antena 1 radio, in the program "Ponto de Partida", where Eduarda Maio explores pertinent questions about portuguese scientific reasearch that is being developed in several fields. 

You can listen here the interview (in portuguese):

Des.solve in the ISGC 2019, La Rochelle, France

This week, Des.solve is also represented in the ISGC 2019 (International Symposium of Green Chemistry), which is being held in La Rochelle, France.

Des.solve in the PPEPPD 2019, Vancouver, Canada

Members of group Des.solve are in Vancouver, participating in the PPEPPD 2019 (International Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design), where they will present developed scientific work in the scope of the project.

Ana Rita Duarte in the S+ television channel

Ana Rita Duarte was invited by the S+ television channel  (channel exclusively dedicated to health) to talk about the application of Deep Eutectic Systems in tuberculosis.

You can see the full interview here:

Des.solve group in the media

The research developed by the group Des.solve, especially in the area of tuberculosis treatment, was disclosed in several portuguese communication media. Also, it was highlighted the event that is being organized by the group - 1st International Meeting on Deep Eutectic Systems.

Interview of Prof. Ana Rita Duarte in Rádio Horizonte

Tomorrow, 13th April, at two different times (12:45-13h and 17:45-18h), you can listen the interview of Prof. Ana Rita Duarte in Rádio Horizonte, in the context of the program “Science and Health”.

In this interview, the researcher talks about the advantages of Deep Eutectic Systems and highlights the occurence of the 1st International Meeting (Lisbon, 24-27th June 2019) exclusively dedicated to these systems, which is being organized by her research group Des.solve.

 You can listen to radio Horizonte at FM 92.8