Ongoing Scientific Supervisions

- Filipa Santos: "Exploring anti-tuberculosis drugs through green solvents for effective treatment of tuberculosis"

- Liliana Rodrigues: "Development of process technologies for the valorization of fish and shellfish processing waste streams: integration of Deep Eutectic Solvents with supercritical CO2 extraction"

- Liane Meneses: "Enhancing storage stability of vaccines and bacteriophages using Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents"

- Ana Roda: "Engineering THEDES-biopolymeric scaffold for osteoarthritis treatment"

- Filipe Oliveira: "Therapeutic Deep Eutectic Systems as promising new therapeutic agents in the anticancer battle"

- Hugo Monteiro: "In vitro and in silico studies on Deep Eutectic Systems for the extraction of intracellular enzymes"

- Miguel Batista: "Marine waste streams valorisation for the production of novel bioactive 3D structures and their evaluation for potential biomedical and food industry applications”