Sugars, aminoacids or organic acids are typically solid at room temperature. Nonetheless, when combined at a particular molar fraction, they present a high melting point depression, becoming liquids at room temperature. These are called Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents – NADES. NADES are envisaged to play a major role on different chemical engineering processes in the future, playing a significant role towards the development of greener and sustainable processes. Nonetheless, there is a significant lack of knowledge on fundamental and basic research on NADES, which is hindering their industrial applications. For this reason, it is important to extend the knowledge on these systems, boosting their application development. With project Des.solve, we intend to increase scientific knowings, namely focusing on four major themes of research:

1 – Development of NADES and Therapeutic Deep Eutectic Solvents – THEDES

2 – Characterization and computer simulation of NADES/THEDES properties

3 – Phase behaviour of binary/ternary systems NADES/THEDES + CO2 and thermodynamic modelling

4 – Application development

NADES applications go beyond chemistry or materials engineering and cover a wide range of fields such as biocatalysis, extraction, electrochemistry, carbon dioxide capture or biomedical applications. Des.solve will be deeply engaged in application development, particularly in extraction, biocatalysis and pharmaceutical/ biomedical applications. The knowledge that will be created is expected, not only to have a major impact in the scientific community, but also in society, economy and industry.