Filipe Oliveira

PhD Student

Filipe Oliveira was born in Lisbon in 1991. He graduated in Biology (2015), with specialization in Genetics and Cell Biology, at Faculdade de Ciências from Universidade de Lisboa, and obtained his MSc in Biotechnology (2018) at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. During his master thesis, developed in a partnership between ITQB-UNL and iBiMED-UA, he had the opportunity to develop a plant based expression platform for the molecular pharming of antihypertensive peptides. Besides Academia, he has also related professional experience from working in the Biotechnology industry. Throughout his academic and professional path, the search for greener solutions for different challenges has been a constant. Currently, he is lecturing Molecular and Cell Biology at Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal. Simultaneously, he is part of Des.solve group, where he is working with THEDES in a menthol:fatty acids eutectic system to be used as wound healing enhancers, and exploring the anticancer potential of limonene:NSAIDs eutectic systems.