Miguel  Batista

Miguel Batista

PhD Student

Miguel Batista graduated in Biology and holds a MSc in Biotechnology (2017). He worked as a Research Fellow at the Nutraceuticals & Bioactives Process Technology Lab, from iBET, where he participated in the Oil4Health project, in collaboration with Sovena Portugal. In this work, he was focused on the utilization of combined by-products of the olive oil production process, on the intensification of a sustainable and viable industrial extraction, and on the fractionation and purification process.

Reza   Haghbakhsh

Reza Haghbakhsh

Post-doctoral Researcher

Reza Haghbakhsh was born in 1989 in Kermanshah, Iran. He graduated in Petroleum Engineering in 2011 from Petroleum University of Technology and received his MSc in 2014 in Chemical Engineering from the Shiraz University. He obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering in 2018 from Shiraz University, in thermodynamic investigation of physical properties and phase equilibria of Deep Eutectic Solvents, under the supervision of Dr. Sona Raeissi.

Rita  Craveiro

Rita Craveiro

Post-doctoral Researcher

Rita Craveiro was born in 1983 in Covilhã. She graduated in chemistry in 2008 from Universidade de Coimbra and received her MSc in 2010 from the Universidade de Aveiro. She obtained her PhD in Sustainable Chemistry in 2015 from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in alternative processes for bio-based polymer processing, under the supervision of Dr. Alexandre Paiva, Dr. Ana Rita Duarte and Professor Susana Barreiros.

v Célia   Sarmento

v Célia Sarmento

MSc student

Célia Sarmento was born in 1998 in Armamar. She graduated in Biochemistry from the NOVA School of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA) in 2020. During the last semester of the degree, she had the opportunity to do her final project which was related to the development of magnetic bioactive composites consisting in polyvinylpyrrolidone membranes with integrated mesoporous bioglass and magnetite nanoparticles, aiming the treatment of bone cancer through magnetic hyperthermia.
v Olga  Chervonovska

v Olga Chervonovska

MSc student

Olga Chervonovska was born in 1998 in Ukraine. She is a cell and molecular biologist, and a biochemist. She has done her Master in Biochemistry for Health. During her bachelor, she did a project which consisted of HPLC analysis of different compounds found in resistant and susceptible coffee leaves, and further analysis, to better understand the process of infection by fungus in the coffee plant.

v Sandro  Amador

v Sandro Amador

MSc student

Sandro was born in 1999, in Cascais, and graduated, in 2021, in Biology - branch of Cell Biology and Biotechnology, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL). His final project was entitled “Phenotyping rice varieties from Guiné-Bissau, in salt stress conditions” which he developed at the Plant Physiology Laboratory (FCUL).

x Aisa  Baldé - ALUMNI

x Aisa Baldé - ALUMNI

Research Fellow

Aisa Baldé is currently a finalist of the Applied Chemistry course, at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon. During her academic path, she showed great interest in the field of Green Chemistry, which led her to develop her final degree project in this area. She is finishing her graduation in Applied Chemistry and is gaining significant experience in scientific research with her graduation final project.

x Ana  Matias - ALUMNI

x Ana Matias - ALUMNI

Post-doctoral researcher

Ana Matias is Auxiliary Researcher at IBET (iFCT 2014) and she has expertise in separation/fractionation green processes to isolate bioactive compounds from natural sources for the development of improved natural bio-products with health-promoting properties. She holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering (field of Food Technology, 2008), co-funded by an agrifood industrial partner, involving the development of functional bio-products recovered from olive oil by-products and wastes.

x Carolina  Pereira - ALUMNI

x Carolina Pereira - ALUMNI

Research fellow

Carolina Pereira is a Research Fellow at iBET and she has expertise in manipulating human and mouse cell lines in monolayers, 3D culture, Transwell® inserts and suspension models in order to assess the properties of bioactives. Moreover she has knowledge in laboratory techniques such as flow cytometry; RT-qPCR; optical, fluorescence and confocal microscopies. She holds a master degree in Biotechnology and a bachelor in Biomedical Science in Histocellular Pathology.

x Carolina   Vieira - ALUMNI

x Carolina Vieira - ALUMNI

MSc student

Carolina Vieira is developing her Master work in the Des.Solve research group, with the title "Sustainable systems for the extraction and stabilization of bioactive compounds from aromatic plants".


x Diego  Gerini - ALUMNI

x Diego Gerini - ALUMNI

Research fellow

Diego Gerini was born in Ancona, Italy, in 1993. He graduated in Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials at the University of Bologna in 2015, and attended an Erasmus Mundus Master Program performed at the University of Algarve, University of Barcelona and University of Bologna, obtaining the MSc degree in Chemical Innovation and Regulation in 2017.

x Duarte   Rente - ALUMNI

x Duarte Rente - ALUMNI

Research Fellow

Duarte Rente graduated from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in 2017 with a master’s degree in chemical and biochemical engineering. During his studies he became interested in the field of Green Chemistry, which lead him to develop his master’s thesis on the field. The master’s thesis was entitled “Power to Gas – Reducing global warming by producing methane through carbon dioxide hydrogenation”, where he worked with high pressure reactors, supercritical CO2 and ionic liquids, in order to optimize methane production.

x Filipa  Santos - ALUMNI

x Filipa Santos - ALUMNI

PhD Student

Filipa Santos graduated in Pharmacy at Superior School of Health and Technologies of Porto – Polytechnic Institute of Porto (2008-2012), and obtained her Master Degree in Biochemistry Applied to Biomedicine at University of Minho during 2012-2015. She was a research Fellow in Advanced Therapies for Health at 3B's Research Group (2016-2017) and, in the present, she is a PhD Student in Doctoral Programme of Sustainable Chemistry at Faculty of Sciences and Technology – UNL.

x Francisca  Mano - ALUMNI

x Francisca Mano - ALUMNI

Research fellow

Francisca Mano was born in Coimbra, Portugal in 1990. She has a MSc degree in Biotechnology obtained at Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT-UNL), in 2014. Her master thesis relied on the production of electrospun fibres in order to impregnate deep eutectic solvents (DES). After, in collaboration with Amorim Cortiçeira, she developed a greener and more sustainable method capable of removing contaminants from cork. Later, she started to work with subcritical water in order to valorise fish residues.