Announcements and News

Paleontology student in the discovery of the first placodonts in Portugal

The first placodonts (Triassic reptiles) from Portugal were reported by the Master in Paleontology student Hugo Campos in a new book chapter about Loulé, in Algarve. The discovery is subject of a news in Diário de Notícias that we translate and transcript here.

Alumnum João Muchagata is the new paleontologist at Natural History Museum of Porto

The alumnum (former student) in the Master in Paleontology João Muchagata is going to manage the paleontology section at Natural History and Science Museum of Porto.

João conducted his master thesis on ziphiid whales in 2016 titled "Function, sexual dimorphism and intraspecific variation of the bizarre rostral structures of the extinct beaked whale, Globicetus hiberus"

MSc in Paleontology alumnus appointed scientific director of the Dino Parque Lourinhã

The MSc in Paleontology alumnus (former student) Simão Mateus was appointed scientific director of the Dino Parque Lourinhã.

We here translate the news from TorresVedrasWeb, about Simão Mateus, our first student to finish the Master in Paleontology.

Applications open until 10th February 2018

The 3rd Phase of Applications is open until 10th February 2018.

The applications phases were:

1st phase: 6th march to 23rd June 

2nd phase: 26th to 31st August 

3rd phase: 10th January to 10th February 2018.

To apply follow here.

New page for the MSc Paleontology

Today 25 January 29018 is announced the new page for the MSc Paleontology at

for include all information in English (and later in Portuguese) about the Master Programme in Paleontology of the NOVA University of Lisbon an University of Évora.

The website has the following contents: