Scientific Snacks

Scientific Snacks (paleo talks)

Scientific Snack: Take a pause, grab a drink, and let's talk with a scientist on his/her latest research, mostly on vertebrate paleontology, evolution and geology. Every Monday 17:00 (Lisbon time) 


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Past talks

July 13th: Benjamin Kear: Evolution of plesiosaurs

July 6th: Miguel Reis Silva: Geoparque Oeste: apresentação da candidatura à UNESCO

June 29th Serjoscha Evers, Ecological transitions to marine lifestyles: evidence from turtles

June 22nd Luis Ceríaco: Répteis e anfíbios de Portugal (in Portuguese; talk in association with Lourambi)

June 15th Miguel Araújo: Understanding Species Diversity: Ecological and Evolutionary Approaches 

June 8th Oliver Rauhut: Jurassic theropod dinosaurs  

June 1: Cristiano Dal Sasso: Spinosaurus  

May 25: Robert DePalma: K-Pg and the extinction of dinosaurs

May 18: João Zilhão: Marine food by Neandertals

May 11: María Ríos Ibáñez: Evolution of giraffids

May 8: Matteo Belvedere, PaleoIchnology

May 4: Verónica Díez Díaz  - Reconstructing hypothetical sauropod tails 

April 27: Simão Mateus - Museus de paleontologia em Portugal

April 20: Octávio Mateus - Dinossauros em Portugal

April 13: Takehito Ikejiri - Extinction prior to the K-Pg

April 6: Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza - Macroecology in deep time

Mar 30: Erick J. Lundgren - Introduced herbivores restore Late Pleistocene ecological functions

Mar 24: Pedro Costa  -  Tsunami deposits

The video of previous talks is available here (for those with account only). 

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