Thesis Defense: André Saleiro

Student André Saleiro, now master, defended his master's thesis on paleontology, on November 5th. His thesis was about the campaigns that have taken place in Wyoming (United States) for the collection of fossil dinosaur materials.

These expeditions were a collaboration between the American Museum of Natural History (New York, E. U.A.) and the FCT NOVA University of Lisbon, some of the material collected was prepared at the Lourinhã Museum.

The thesis was entitled "Upper Jurassic Dinosaur Bonebeds at Ten Sleep, Wyoming: Stratigraphy, preliminary results and field reports of 2016 and 2017", having the now master obtained the classification of 18 values.

The jury was attended by Mark Norell (AMNH), Paulo Legoinha (FCT NOVA) and Octávio Mateus (FCT NOVA and advisor).

Congratulations Mestre André!