Ana Catarina Baptista

Senior Researcher

Materials Science Department - DCM
CENIMAT/i3N associated laboratory
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, FCT/UNL
2829-516 Caparica, Portugal

Ana Baptista is a researcher at CENIMAT|I3N - NOVA School of Science and Technology with a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering since 2014. Her research is mainly focused on the development of innovative smart textiles based on biocompatible polymers with multifunctional properties envisaging their application in energy conversion systems and medical devices. Particularly, she has been investigating functional fibers and textiles for sweat-based supercapacitors, biocompatible batteries, glucose sensitive electrospun membranes, piezoresistive textiles for medical sensors and electrically controlled drug delivery systems. Besides, Ana has been involved in other research topics related with the development of multifunctional polymeric coatings for metal implants and 3D-printing of metals, polymers, and ceramic-based materials for medical applications.
During the last years, Ana has been participating in several national and international projects related with energy generation systems, paper functionalization for new products (with The Navigator Company) and 3D-printing of ceramic-based medical implants (with InnovNano Company). Currently, she is the principal investigator of the project All-FIBRE that aims at the development of a fiber-shaped photovoltaic storage devices able to harvest and store energy to supply electronic textiles while keeping wearable, lightweight and flexibility characteristics.

Main Publications:

Ana Catarina Baptista, Miguel Brito, Ana Marques and Isabel Ferreira, Electronic control of drug release from gauze or cellulose acetate fibres for dermal applications ,Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2021

Cedric Honnet, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Marc Teyssier, Bruno Fruchard, Jürgen Steimle, Ana Catarina Baptista and Paul Strohmeier, PolySense: Augmenting Textiles with Electrical Functionality using In-Situ Polymerization, Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2020.

Nuno Lima, Ana Catarina Baptista, Bruno Miguel Faustino, Sofia Taborda, Ana Marques and Isabel Ferreira, Carbon threads sweat-based supercapacitors for electronic textiles, Scientific Reports 10, 7703, 2020.

Patricia Perdigão, Bruno Miguel Faustino, Jaime Faria, João Paulo Canejo, João Paulo Borges, Isabel Ferreira, and Ana Catarina Baptista, Conductive Electrospun Polyaniline/Polyvinylpyrrolidone Nanofibers: Electrical and Morphological Characterization of New Yarns for Electronic Textiles, Fibers 8, 24, 2020.

Ana Filipa Cristovão, David Sousa, Filipe Silvestre, Inês Ropio, Ana Gaspar, Célia Henriques, Alexandre Velhinho, Ana Catarina Baptista, Miguel Faustino, Isabel Ferreira, Customized tracheal design using 3D printing of a polymer hydrogel: influence of UV laser cross-linking on mechanical properties, 3D Printing in Medicine 5 (12), 2019. 

Ana Catarina Baptista, Inês Ropio, Beatriz Romba, Joana Nobre, Célia Henriques, Jorge Carvalho Silva, J. I. Martins, João Paulo Borges, and Isabel Ferreira. Cellulose-based electrospun fibers functionalized with polypyrrole and polyaniline for fully organic batteries. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (2018): 256-265.