Carbon threads sweat-based supercapacitors for electronic textiles

Lima, Nuno, Ana Catarina Baptista, Bruno Morais M. Faustino, Sofia Taborda, Ana Marques, and Isabel Ferreira. "Carbon threads sweat-based supercapacitors for electronic textiles." Scientific Reports 10 (2020): 7703.


Flexible and stretchable energy-storage batteries and supercapacitors suitable for wearable electronics are at the forefront of the emerging field of intelligent textiles. In this context, the work here presented reports on the development of a symmetrical wire-based supercapacitor able to use the wearer’s sweat as the electrolyte. The inner and outer electrodes consists of a carbon-based thread functionalized with a conductive polymer (polypyrrole) which improves the electrochemical performances of the supercapacitor. The inner electrode is coated with electrospun cellulose acetate fibres, as the separator, and the outer electrode is twisted around it. The electrochemical performances of carbon-based supercapacitors were analyzed using a simulated sweat solution and displayed a specific capacitance of 2.3 F.g−1, an energy of 386.5−1 and a power density of 46.4−1. Moreover, cycle stability and bendability studies were performed. Such energy conversion device has exhibited a stable electrochemical performance under mechanical deformation, over than 1000 cycles, which make it attractive for wearable electronics. Finally, four devices were tested by combining two supercapacitors in series with two in parallel demonstrating the ability to power a LED.

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