Demo of PolySense: How to Make Electrically Functional Textiles

Strohmeier, P., C. Honnet, H. Perner-Wilson, M. Teyssier, B. Fruchard, Ana Catarina Baptista, and J. Steimle. Demo of PolySense: How to Make Electrically Functional Textiles In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems., 2020.


We demonstrate a simple and accessible method for enhancing textiles with custom piezo-resistive properties. Based on in-situ polymerization, our method offers seamless integration at the material level, preserving a textile's haptic and mechanical properties. We demonstrate how to enhance a wide set of fabrics and yarns using only readily available tools. During each demo session, conference attendees may bring textile samples which will be polymerized in a shared batch. Attendees may keep these samples. While the polymerization is happening, attendees can inspect pre-made samples and explore how these might be integrated in functional circuits. Examples objects created using polymerization include rapid manufacturing of on-body interfaces, tie-dyed motion-capture clothing, and zippers that act as potentiometers.

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