The CryoEM@NOVA team

Ana Luísa  Carvalho

Ana Luísa Carvalho

Senior Researcher & coordinator of the FCT-NOVA node of CryoEM-PT

Bernardo  Hourmat

Bernardo Hourmat

Funding adviser at FCT-NOVA's Business Development & Funding Department

Bernardo Hourmat holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations from NOVA University of Lisbon – School of Social Sciences and Humanities and has a Master’s in International Relations from the same University. Bernardo has more than 10 years’ experience in supporting both pre- and post-award stages of research projects, particularly international collaborative projects.

Eurico  Cabrita

Eurico Cabrita

Full Professor & vice-Dean for Innovation and Research

Hartmut  Luecke

Hartmut Luecke

Full Professor & CryoEM@NOVA Scientific Coordinator

Juliana  Monteiro

Juliana Monteiro

Executive Director at IRIS & Data Management Plan coordinator

Maria João  Romão

Maria João Romão

Full Professor & CryoEM@NOVA Coordinator at FCT-NOVA

To Be Announced

Leader of the Research Team

To Be Announced

Project Manager