Ana Luísa Carvalho

Senior Researcher & coordinator of the FCT-NOVA node of CryoEM-PT

Ana Luísa completed PhD in Structural Biology in 2002 and presently holds a position as Senior Researcher at UCIBIO-NOVA, started in 2003. Her research interests are focused in the search for uncharacterised biological protein-carbohydrate interactions with potential biotechnological use in nutrition, in pharma and in the biofuel industry. For this, among other structural biology and biophysics methods, she uses the powerful information provided by X-ray Crystallography. Recently, she's committed in implementing Cryo-Electron Microscopy methods in UCIBIO and, for this, she presently coordinates the FCT-NOVA node of the CryoEM-PT National Roadmap Infrastructure.

Ana Luísa has completed the supervision of 3 PhD students (one awarded the Antonio Xavier Prize for the Best Thesis in 2013) and presently supervises 3 PhD students, from the MolBios and Biochemistry Doctoral programs, 2 of them concluding their Thesis in 2023. She has organised several hands-on advanced courses, notably 2 editions (2014 and 2015) of the Instruct-ERIC/COST-supported international course ISBIO ( As Principal Investigator, Ana Luísa has coordinated 4 national FCT-MCTES funded projects and was member of team in 14 other projects. Presently, she is co-PI of one FCT-MCTES project and is team member (coordinator at FCT-NOVA) of one PT2020 project. She has also integrated the winning teams of the Santander-Totta Scientific Merit Award, in 2012, and the Bluepharma Innovation Award, in 2013. 

Citation metrics in Scopus indicate 61 documents with citation data, with more than 1520 citations and an h-index of 20.