Welcoming new trainees

Undergraduate trainee students Íris Ramos, Rita Bastos and Ricardo Estevens (LBCM), plus Ricardo Pereira (LBq) Just joined our ranks. These students will be a part of the team in the first trimester of the year. They. are working on subjects related to marine bioproducts and biotechnoogy

New article just published

We just published a review entitled "The State-of-the Art of Environmental Toxicogenomics: Challenges and Perspectives of “Omics” Approaches Directed to Toxicant Mixtures" in the International Journal of Environmental and Human Health. The article, led by C. Martins, results from a collaboration between the Karolinsks Institute of Sweden and SeaTox.

New paper in Scientific Reports

Our Ph.D. Students Carla Martins and Ana P. Rodrigo are leading authors of the paper just published in Scientific Reports entitled “The complexity of porphyrin-like pigments in a marine annelid sheds new light on haem metabolism in aquatic invertebrates”.

New article just accepted!

Ana and Carla lead an article that has just been accepted for publication in Scientific Reports which is due for publication next week. Thw work, appended to our project GreenTech, results from a collaboration between UCIBIO and LAQV and deals on the distribution and chemical characterisation of porphyrinoids from the marine Polychaeta Eulalia

More information will be added as soon as the paper is made public.

New article just accepted!

Cunha et al. (2019) Was just accepted for publication in Aquatic Toxicology. The manuscript explore the phyllogeny of CYPs in mussels, through sequencing of CYP-like mRNAs in the Mediterranean mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis. See our publication here

Ph.D. thesis excellence award to Carolina Madeira

Carolina has just won a Ph.D. thesis excellent award from FCiências.ID (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa- FCUL), within the domain of Ciências da Terra e do Mar! The awarding ceremony will be held April 15th, at FCUL, in the Great Auditorium. We congratulate our colleague for her outstanding achievement!

New funded research project - MARVEN

Project MARVEN - "The Portuguese biotechnological database for marine animal venoms and toxins", submitted to Fundo Azul has been approved for funding! The project, led by SeaTox is a consortium of several labs @UCIBIO and IPMA and aims at establishing a bridge between marine toxicology and industry.

New article just accepted!

A review article on the biotechnological potential of Polychaeta and their contribution to safer and sustainable exploitation of rour seas has ject been accepted for publication in Environmental Research. By A.P. Rodrigo and P.M. Costa: "The hidden biotechnological potential of marine invertebrates: The Polychaeta case study".

SeatTox Lab at Jortec 2019

Folling invitation from the students of Biochemistry, C. Martins and P.M. Costa provided a three-hour hands-on workshop on the Comet assay.

Welcoming new trainees!

Our Junior research undergraduate trainees are already in action working on projects related to Marine Biotechnology and Environmental Toxicology: Mariana Calmão and Raquel Costa (degree in Biochemistry); Miguel Cunha, Maria Rodrigues and Catarina Santos (degree in Cell and Molecular Biology).

Post-Doc positions available!

Projects GreenTech (ongoing) and WormALL (beginning next october) offer positions (stipend and contract) do post-doc researchers, preferentially with expertise in Marine Biology or related field. These are multidisciplinary research projects dedicated to Marine Biotechnology (especially bioprospection for novel natural products, with emphasis on toxins), Ecology, Molecular Biology, Marine Animal Physiology & Aquatic Toxicology. Previous expertise in one of these disciplines is most welcome.

New article just accepted!

The SeaTox team just got new publication accepted, in the Journal of Anatomy. Online publication should happen very very soon.

SeaTox at the IMMR 2018 meeting

Our Ph.D. students A.P. Rodrigo and C. Martins will be representing SeaTox at this year's IMMR (International Meeting on Marine Research), at Peniche, Portugal, with an oral communication each. The meeting will be held between July 5 and 6, 2018.

SeaTox at the CiiEM International Congress

We will be presenting a compilation of results from GreenTech and other research at the Third International Congress of CiiEM, on the 22nd of June.

The presentation is entitled "New lessons from ancient life: Marine invertebrates as a source of new drugs" and if focused on Marine Biotechnology and Bioprospecting. It includes the most recent findings from our grads and undergrads.

New funded research in prospect

Project WormALL, led by the SeaTox Lab, has just been proposed for funding via FCT. This important deavour, which will allow continuing and expanding the work of GreenTech, is also dedidicate to Marine Biology, Bioprospecting and  Marine Biotechnology. As we just received the news, starting date is pending.