SeaTox at the IMMR 2018 meeting

Our Ph.D. students A.P. Rodrigo and C. Martins will be representing SeaTox at this year's IMMR (International Meeting on Marine Research), at Peniche, Portugal, with an oral communication each. The meeting will be held between July 5 and 6, 2018.

SeaTox at the CiiEM International Congress

We will be presenting a compilation of results from GreenTech and other research at the Third International Congress of CiiEM, on the 22nd of June.

The presentation is entitled "New lessons from ancient life: Marine invertebrates as a source of new drugs" and if focused on Marine Biotechnology and Bioprospecting. It includes the most recent findings from our grads and undergrads.

New funded research in prospect

Project WormALL, led by the SeaTox Lab, has just been proposed for funding via FCT. This important deavour, which will allow continuing and expanding the work of GreenTech, is also dedidicate to Marine Biology, Bioprospecting and  Marine Biotechnology. As we just received the news, starting date is pending.

New publication in Scientific Reports

We just published a new article on Eulalia and its toxins, our case study in project GreenTech, in Scientific Reports. May be accessed here

Welcoming new Project students

The SeaTox Lab welcomes new students of the Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. The students Luís Tanoeiro, Miriam Casaca and Ana Lopes develop their research projects at SeaTox, exploring new sbjects related to GreenTech, in collaboration with other laboratories in the Department.

Project GreenTech in Science Impact

GreenTech in science diffusion media! See the publication about our project here