Just published!

Mariaelena led a publication just published in Marine Drugs. The work is an important milestone in our quest for novel phtosensitisers from marine invertebrates, Polychaeta in the case. The work, associated to our projects GreenTech  and WormALL, is a joint effort between us and the  Photochemistry lab @Requimte.

The work combines marine biology, chemistry and toxicology and disclosed interesting photodynamic properties of porphyrinoid pigments in the Polychaeta Eulalia. You can read and access freely this publication here.

D'AMBROSIO, M., SANTOS, A.C., ALEJO-ARMIJO, A., PAROLA, J. & COSTA, P.M. (2020). Light-mediated toxicity of porphyrin-like pigments from a marine polychaeta. Marine Drugs 18, 302. (doi: 10.3390/md18060302)