Task 7. Dissemination

Dissemination activities have been always at the core of our research, creating the opportunity for a continuous collaboration with the cultural institutions in charge of the safeguard of medieval manuscripts and their public; as curators of exhibitions, organizers of talks for the general public and colloquia.
In Polyphenols in Art, we envisage to add to the existing online resources and to organize workshops, at least one per year, were medieval inks are prepared and used to copy the texts into parchment and paper support; preserving all the essential steps and instruments used in the medieval scriptoria to copy texts. At least one colloquia and one exhibition will be also co-organized. This knowledge will be also used to promote the importance of science for the preservation of cultural heritage; by integrating these case studies in university and high school chemistry curricula as was the case with our participation in the European network "Chemistry is all around".
Workshop Chemistry and Society, Masters in Chemistry, FCUL, Porto.