Task 6. Yellow color in medieval manuscripts

In search of "lost yellows": unraveling the secrets of yellow colour paints in medieval manuscripts with photochemistry
We will study the stability of yellow dyes extracted from the natural sources obtained in Task 2. The stability of the yellow colours will be assessed by the quantum yields of reaction. Extracts displaying highest colour stability will be used to extract the main chromophores. The latter will be fully characterized by HRMS, NMR and IR. 
The yellow chromophores that will show best stability & colour will be prepared as colour paints and artificially aged. Aged and unaged samples will be characterized by a multianalytical approach using in situ or micro sampling techniques which are also used to study original medieval manuscripts. The data collected will assess the use of regional yellows in Portuguese medieval manuscripts and to identify markers in aged samples.


Paula Nabais
(Task Coordinator)

Maria João Melo
(Task Co-Coordinator)

Adelaide Clemente

Maria Conceição Oliveira

Natércia Teixeira

Fernando Pina

Samaneh Sharif

Dominique Cardon