Task 5. Towards new treatments

Towards new treatments for iron-gall inks in manuscripts: safety assessment and efficacy testing
This task begins by a full revision of the treatments used over time, from the consolidation with silk and starch or the application of the cellulose nitrate coating (Zapon), to the application of calcium-phytate / calcium-bicarbonate method, on ink corroded objects. A systematic evaluation of the different methods applied, in terms of efficiency and the side-effects will be done. This will inform us on the protocol we plan to design to assess the possible side effects of the new treatments that will be developed in this task.
Innovative treatments for iron gall ink stabilization will be tested, and target the iron gall ink complexes and non-complexed molecules/ions identified in the previous tasks. 
Finally, a discussion about the Portuguese name adopted will also be done, since we believe a better insight in the composition and the decay processes can contribute for a more precise designation.


Vanessa Otero
(Task Coordinator)

Maria João Melo
(Task Co-Coordinator)

Maria Conceição Casanova

Sara Fragoso

Sílvia Sequeira

Paula Nabais

Fernando Pina

Natércia Teixeira