Task 2. In search of 'Lost Yellows'

In search of "lost yellows": identification and occurrence of ancient yellows in Portuguese plants
In this task, we will collect plants that could have been sources of yellow dyes in medieval ages (in Portugal). A preliminary example of our list of plants is given by the following species: Anthemis spp., Carthamus tinctorius, C. lanatus, Chrysanthemum spp., Daphne gnidium, Reseda luteola, Rhamnus spp., Rhus coriaria, Serratula tinctoria, Solidago virgaurea, Prangos trifida. Data will be retrieved from bibliographic surveys, local Floras, herbarium specimens and online databases. 
Plant metabolites, including polyphenols, often vary with environmental parameters, such as altitude, or exhibit seasonal patterns related to water or light stresses in Mediterranean climate. To encompass such variation in wild plants, plant material will be collected in two or three different sampling dates (spring, summer and/or autumn)Extracts of colorant plants will be analyzed by HPLC coupled to an ESI-MS. 
Additionally, the elaboration of a yellow chromophores database will allow for confirmation of the structures found in historical textiles.

team members



Adelaide Clemente
(Task Coordinator)


Maria Conceição Oliveira
(Task Co- Coordinator)


Maria João Melo


Paula Nabais


Fernando Pina


Samaneh Sharif


Dominique Cardon