{Políticas de Financiamento de I&D em Portugal [R&D financing policies in Portugal]}

Cândido, AC, Rosa IM.  2012.  {Políticas de Financiamento de I&D em Portugal [R&D financing policies in Portugal]}. , Number 11/2012: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, IET/CICS.NOVA-Interdisciplinary Centre on Social Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology


This paper aims to present the main events over the years on public policies for financing R & D in Portugal, with special focus on the QREN (National Strategic Reference Framework). Between 2007 and 2013, is the QREN which provides the framework to be applied to economic policy in Portugal. The Incentives System for Companies Investment is one of the key instruments of economic promotion policies, particularly in terms of promoting innovation and regional development. The review made shows us that there is not still a systemic and integrated policy innovation in Portugal, but there is a set of instruments that can play a role in this policy and also has missed coherence and coordination between them.



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