Observatory of Technology Assessment

The Observatory of Technology Assessment (the Portuguese accronym is OAT) is a research unit of CICS.NOVA approved on 17 July 2015. Its founding assembly took place on December 9th where the by-laws and governing bodies were approved. The members of IET/CICS.NOVA integrate the OAT.

Its webpage is at: http://sites.fct.unl.pt/observatorio-avaliacao-tecnologia/

Doctoral Programme on Technology Assessment

The CICS.NOVA unit at FCT-UNL is responsible for the coordination and development of the Doctoral Programme on Technology Assessment of Universidade Nova Lisboa.

Process for the organisation of OAT

The IET/CICS.NOVA unit at FCT-UNL has started the process for the organisation of an Observatory of Technology Assessment at CICS.NOVA.

In few weeks we will provide further information about this development.

History of IET at FCT-UNL

IET is a multi-disciplinary research unit of CICS.NOVA research centre, located in FCT-UNL, a faculty in the area of engineering, science and technology. IET was founded as an independent research centre in 2002 from various research groups with experience in national and international networks. Ten years after started a process to FCT-UNL pole of CESNOVA research centre. And from 2014 CESNOVA was integrated with other research centres in the new CICS.NOVA,