{Innovation scoring no sector de serviços de saúde: um estudo de caso [Innovation scoring in the sector health services: a case study]}

Maia, MJ.  2011.  {Innovation scoring no sector de serviços de saúde: um estudo de caso [Innovation scoring in the sector health services: a case study]}. , Number 08/2011: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, IET/CICS.NOVA-Interdisciplinary Centre on Social Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology


Nowadays, innovation has been understood as an overall strategy for a company. Thus, it should remain adapted, flexible and responsive to the market changes, where the company operates. For a company to succeed in the innovation process, it should be clear about their position on this issue. There are several dynamic systems of control and management innovation. One of these systems is the Innovation Scoring, developed by COTEC Portugal, a Corporate Association for Innovation supported by the Portuguese government. The Innovation Scoring is a support tool to encourage national companies to develop innovation in a more systematic, efficient and effective way, contributing to the strategic thinking of the company, about their innovation processes. It allows a more indepth knowledge about the different dimensions that sustain innovation processes. It allows also the identification of areas with potential improvement. In order to analyse and diagnose the innovative capabilities of a real organization, have applied the Innovation Scoring survey. One of the Central Hospital in the Greater Lisbon area (Public Business Entity), and more specifically, its Imaging Department was the case studied. Innovation Scoring System is a self-diagnosis survey and therefore self-fulfilled. However, to make the results more reliable and free from bias, it was decided to adapt the application method. Thus, interviews were conducted and the responses were used to complete the questionnaire later on. In the next step, we proceed to result analysis from the point of view of the innovation at the case studied. As a final result, the Hospital Imaging Department received a weighting of 224 in 1000, for the Innovation Index, which means that the Department has much to develop and work, regarding these issues. The results should serve as a basis of motivation and strategic thinking for the Imaging Department, in relation to their innovation processes. This working paper is structured into seven ch



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