Estratégias de constru{\c c}ão da Sociedade da Informa{\c c}ão<BR>[Strategies of construction of Information Society]

Moniz, A.  2001.  Estratégias de constru{\c c}ão da Sociedade da Informa{\c c}ão[Strategies of construction of Information Society], Jun. , Number 6633: University Library of Munich, Germany


The most significative text of the European Commission on the construction of a strategy for an Information Society is, undoubtly the document on “Job Opportunities in the Information Society”. The major dimension of the change process was not anymore the technological evolution one. Information society should integrate the social-economical dimensions with industries that use information and communication products and services, beside those of so-called “Information Society industries”. Is not only this sector that is growing in terms of employment, but also the other sectors can be also important ICT users. Employment in the information society leads the employment growth in EU. In this study are analysed the different national programs and strategies, and with particular relevance the Portuguese case.



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