Research Areas

1) Thin film thermoelectric materials based on transparent oxide materials such as AZO and CuI. These has been explored in the scope of an H2020 european project, TransFlexTeg, coordinated by Prof. Isabel Ferreira through Uninova. Other project partners are: VTT, Picosun, Aalto University, GRINP, Agfa Materials, Strep and Solearth.

2) Solar cells and supercapacitors based on nanoparticles and graphene. Activities that has been mainly performed in the ERC-Consolidator grant framework of Prof. Isabel Ferreira (started in July 2015) and in the scope of a running PhD thesis.

3) Plasmonic nanoparticles synthetisis and applications. Several nanoparticles has been produced in the scope of a PhD thesis funded by the ERC-Consolidator grant framework of Prof. Isabel as they integrate the applications foressen to develope.

4) Bio-Batteries and paper-batteries has been produced in the scope of sevral thesis, namely in Ana Baptista PhD thesis and Post-doc program - both funded by FCT.

5) Electrolytes developement

6) 3D Printing materials and methods. Currentely, a P2020 project, PIC 3D, about the production of Zirconia-based ceramic by 3D printing is running in collaboration with the company Innovnano.