OAT/CICS.NOVA blog sobre CoViD-19 and after...

O OAT/CICS.NOVA iniciou um blog sobre o quadro epistemológico em que esta pandemia se tem desenvolvido, e as visões acerca dos futuros que a pós-pandemia pode desenhar.
De acordo com o 1º post colocado no passado dia 5 de Maio, "importa refletir sobre o que aprendemos neste processo, e que experiências são relevantes, quer por sublinharem valores negativos, quer por estimularem valores positivos."

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Participation on the EPTA Conference 2019, Stockholm

The Portuguese chapter of the EPTA report 2019 is online. It was produced by the integrated CICS.NOVA members Ana P. Gil, António B. Moniz and José de São José, and the collaborator researchers Bettina Krings and Bárbara Bäckström. The complete version of the report is here.

The 2019 EPTA report on "Technologies in care for older people" is now available online.

Baumann coordinates a sub-program of EERA

Dr. Manuel Baumann holds a PhD on Technology Assessment at Uni Nova Lisbon and is researcher at ITAS Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and also at the Observatory of Technology Assessment of CICS.NOVA. He was appointed as coordinator of the Sub-programme 6 on Energy Storage: Techno-Economics and Sustainability of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). The EERA was founded in 2011 and involves the most relevant energy research institution.

eera-jpes_2019.pdf1.94 MB

Project AddTech

The AddTech project is a collaboration between CATIM, CICS.NOVA and FCT NOVA to support the empirical study for the PhD research of Nuno Carvalho Araújo. It is a project on technology assessment of additive manufacturing in the metal sector in Portugal. It runs at the Observatory of Technology Assessment of CICS.NOVA

More info at:

3rd phase of applications for the PhD research on Technology Assessment (2018-2022)

The applications for the PhD programme on TA are already open (3rd phase, 2019-2023). The links to follow are:

Constructive Technology Assessment approaches and emerging technology fields

Dr. Douglas Robinson (Teqnode and Univ. Paris-Est) will provide a conference at Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Univ. NOVA Lisbon-UNL next 27th March 2017, on Caparica Campus, from 10h until 12h30m. The topic of lecture will be about "Constructive Technology Assessment approaches and emerging technology fields: dynamics and interactions".

The conference will have the support of the Doctoral Programme of UNL, from CICS.NOVA, Univ. Paris-Est and ITAS-Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Seminar on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Prof. Andoni Ibarra, from the University of Basque Country, will provide a seminar on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) for the PhD students of Technology Assessment. Other PhD students can also apply, for example from CICS.NOVA or from the LCI-FCT.UNL.
The topics are: