Seminar on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Prof. Andoni Ibarra, from the University of Basque Country, will provide a seminar on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) for the PhD students of Technology Assessment. Other PhD students can also apply, for example from CICS.NOVA or from the LCI-FCT.UNL.
The topics are:

  1. The genesis of RRI idea (historical perspective of the STI policies in EU (génesis de la idea de RRI (recorrido histórico de las políticas de ciencia, tecnología e innovación en la UE)
  2. Clarification of the concept of RRI - critique to some "substantivist" interpretation of the concept (Elucidación del concepto de RRI -criticando algunas interpretaciones"sustantivistas" del concepto)
  3. Operationalisation of RRI - citeria and quality indicators for a "responsible technology" (Operacionalización de RRI - criterios e indicadores de calidad para una "tecnología responsable").

This seminar series will take place on the 20th and 23rd February in the afternoon. On the 22nd Prof. Ibarra will meet with the PhD students to discuss research matters. All meetings are from 16h until 19h. The location will be CICS.NOVA (in Lisbon) both at FCSH Tower A and Building ID.


  • dia 20/02, foi reservada no edificio ID: a Multiusos 3
  • dia da reunião, 22/02, sala TA 303
  • para o 2.º dia do seminário (23/02), Auditório 001.

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