Doctoral theses already discussed

Title Author Year
Impact assessment of AI-enabled automation on the workplace and employment. The case of Portugal Marta Candeias 2023
Mission-Critical Communications from LMR to 5G: a Technology Assessment approach for Smart City scenarios

Débora Campos Freire


Technology Assessment for sustainability in water use: operationalization of a responsible governance based in RRI (anticipation and inclusiveness)

Sofia Romeiro


A technology assessment of brain-computer interfaces:  Bridging Present and Future with a Human-centered Perspective

Gabriel Teykal Velloso


O papel da Manufatura Aditiva na competitividade das empresas do setor Metalúrgico e Metalomecânico num contexto de mudança (Additive Manufacturing Technology Assessment: Implications at the Metal Sector)

Nuno Araújo


Technology Assessment of eVTOL Personal Air Transportation System

Abdurrahman Yazan


Health Technology Assessment and Decision-Making Processes: The Purchase of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology

Maria J. Maia


Battery storage systems as balancing option in intermittent renewable energy systems - A transdisciplinary approach under the frame of Constructive Technology Assessment

Manuel Baumann


Technology Assessment and High-Speed Trains: facing the challenge of emergent digital society

Susana Martins Moretto


Decisions of technology innovation: the role of indicators

Nuno Boavida


Avaliação do efeito da prótese auditiva usando a análise eletroencefalográfica [Electroencephalographic assessment in children with auditive deficits]

Isabel Rosa


Identificação das práticas de inovação aberta nas parcerias estratégicas: avaliação realizada com prestadores de cloud computing [Identification of open innovation practices on strategic partnerships: Assessment of cloud computing suppliers]

Ana C. Cândido


Theses under reasearch process

Title Author Status

Assessment of the relation between industry and nanotechnology research

Paulo Manteigas

To be finished in 2024

Responsible Research and Innovation among technological start-ups

Rui Dias-Ferreira

To be finished in 2024

Technology Assessment of the Quality of Magnetic Resonance Imagery

Jorge Moura

To be defined

Intelligent infrastructures for the road transport system

Tomé Canas

To be defined

Processes of organization of parliamentary committees for technology assessment

Bernardina Gonçalves

To be defined

Innovation processes in the automotive industry

Rui Guilhoto Loureiro

To be defined

Nanotechnology assessment in the chemical industry

Ana Casaca

To be defined

Health ICT wearables and the future of diabetes management in Portugal

Elisabete Semedo

To be defined

Maglev technology assessment

Fawaz al-Jobory

to be defined

Business Expenditure on R&D (BERD) in Portugal: towards 2% GDP in 2030

Paulo Madeira

To be finished in 2022

Robotics in the Portuguese food industry: challenges in the sector of animal production until 2030

Carolina Hevelin Moura

To be defined

3D printing technology assessment for construction systems

Babak Farham

To be finished in 2023

Open Innovation for chronic diseases: an alternative approach for Health Technology Assessment

Rosilene Sabino

To be finished in 2022