Track on Governance of TA

From 2017, the PhD programme on TA will have a track on "Governance of TA" with the support of the University of Liège and its research centre SPIRAL (Prof. Pierre Delvenne), the University of Basque Country (Prof. Andoni Ibarra) and the CICS.NOVA research centre.

The students enrolled in this track should achieve between 20 and 30 ECTS credits of coursework and/or research component leading to the dissertation in one of the collaborative universities. Each student will be supervised by advisors from both institutions, who will jointly define and supervise the PhD research project, as well as the educational curriculum. After the final PhD examination process, students will obtain one doctoral diploma in the University of origin of the respective Doctoral Programme, with the reference to the Track jointly awarded by ULiège or UBasque Country and FCT NOVA.

Enrollement in the PhD program at: