University Liège

Track on Governance of TA

From 2017, the PhD programme on TA will have a track on "Governance of TA" with the support of the University of Liège and its research centre SPIRAL (Prof. Pierre Delvenne), the University of Basque Country (Prof. Andoni Ibarra) and the CICS.NOVA research centre.

Restructuring of the PhD program approved at DCSA

The DCSA Department Council approved the proposal for restructuring the doctoral programme on TA. It includes a reduction in the number of compulsory disciplines, and the introduction of national and international cooperation tracks:

  1. The Joint Doctoral Initiative with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  2. The track on "Health Technology Assessment"
  3. The track on "Governance of Technology Assessment" with the University of Liège
Bendikt  Rosskamp

Bendikt Rosskamp

PhD student/University of Liège

Doctorant au Département de Science Politique

Licencié en sociologie (2008, UCL)
Master en information et communication (2008, UCL)

Matières de prédilection : Science, Technologie et Société ; méthodes participatives ; évaluation technologique ; institutionnalisation