Technology Assessment

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Ana Clara Cândido

Ana Clara Cândido

PhD on TA/Member of a student committee

Bendikt  Rosskamp

Bendikt Rosskamp

PhD student/University of Liège

Doctorant au Département de Science Politique

Licencié en sociologie (2008, UCL)
Master en information et communication (2008, UCL)

Matières de prédilection : Science, Technologie et Société ; méthodes participatives ; évaluation technologique ; institutionnalisation

Bettina Johanna Krings

Bettina Johanna Krings

Researcher/Member of a student committee

Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS) Postfach 3640 76021 Karlsruhe Germany


Studies of political science, sociology, and anthropology (M.A.) at the Karl-Ruprecht University of Heidelberg, and PhD on Sociology, supervised by Prof. Dr. Birgit Blättel-Mink and Prof. Dr. Tilla Siegel, University of Frankfurt on the Main.