Aims and strategy

The PhD Programme on Technology Assessment 1 is a 3rd cycle graduate programme proposed in the context of the European Union “Bologna Treaty” reformulations of higher education. This programme of doctoral studies is structured so as to offer students high quality training in research.

The duration of the programme is typically 4 years. During the PhD, the candidate will typically perform his/her research in the context of research projects of one of the research centres at FCT-UNL (the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at Universidade Nova de Lisboa). The IET/CESNOVA research centre will be one of the centres that will support that research.

The PhD Programme on Technology Assessment (PDAT) intends to prepare researchers and experts with ability to perform autonomous research activities as well as leading innovation processes fostering economic growth and development. And has as study object the methodologies and analysis processes of innovation and technological development impacts in a general context of its integration in a European and international frameworks.

This 3rd educational cycle complements the basic education of the candidates (1st and 2nd cycles, or BSc/BA and MA/MSc). It develops the studies and the research and development in emergent knowledge fields.

After concluding the studies cycle, the candidates will be able to acquire, with scientific rigour and technological and methodological up-dates, the capacities of intervening in processes of production, transmition and application of knowledge of Technology Assessment in organisations.