Moniz, A. B., B. - J. Krings, and P. Frey. "Technology as enabler of the automation of work? Current societal challenges for a future perspective of work." Revista Brasileira de Sociologia 2021 (2021).Website
Moniz, António Brandão. Robótica e Trabalho: o futuro hoje. Lisboa: Glaciar/FLAD, 2018.

Lisbon meeting of the Deep View project

It took place last 21st June 2019 a conference and project meeting of an European project where CICS.NOVA is partner. Nuno Boavida, from the Observatory of Technology Assessment, organised and leaded the meeting with the agenda in the following link:
The other partners are Notus-asr (Spain, project coordinator), PRAXIS (Estonia), FORBA (Austria) and FAOS (Denmark).

Lecture series (2-4 May, 2018)

Prof. António B. Moniz will provide a series of lectures at University NOVA Lisbon for the PhD programme on Technology Assessment about the topic "Work and Technology under the Industry 4.0 debate".

The lectures will take place at Caparica Campus from 2 to 4 May. Registrations can be made at


1. Technology and Society

2. From industrial society to the information society

3. New technologies, work and organisation

4. New technologies and working conditions

5. Introduction of new technologies and labour relations

Students assessment -

a) Continuous assessment or

b) final examination

if a) then a written report or a research paper must be organised and the topics discussed with the teacher (± 30 pages).

everyone much be enrolled at the Moodle webpage of the discipline.

Sociology of New Information Technologies (A), add-on


Prof. António Brandão Moniz