Instructions for Authors

Oral Presentations

Presentations should be saved as pdf or ppt(x) files under the designation SURNAME_ORAL_BDS2024.pdf (or ppt) and sent until the day before the scheduled session to the following email:


For oral presentations, please consider that the time for questions is included in the total, according the category:


Invited Speakers:               

20 min

Contributed Speakers:       

15 min

Young Researchers (PhD students):             

10 min


Session chairs are asked to ensure that the timetable is respected, remembering that scientific discussion can continue during coffee breaks.


Poster Presentations

Posters must be printed in portrait format with a maximum width of 83 cm, corresponding to a A0 format.


In addition to the A0 printed version, authors have also the opportunity to present their poster in a 90-second video version (save the presentation as an *.mp4 video). Please note that videos without the printed poster are not accepted. The platform for the video poster upload will be available here between 1st June and 15th July.