Debye Prize

Debye Prize

The 'Peter Debye Prize for Young Investigators for Excellence in Dielectric Research' is established to encourage and support young scientists to continue research in the field of Dielectric Spectroscopy and its applications. The award is financed by  International Dielectric Society funds and/or other available sources. If the resources are considered insufficient, the prize will not be awarded for the period of time in question.

Award: The award consists of a certificate of achievement accompanied by a prize of 1500 euro.

Eligibility: Researchers of any nationality with not more than 6 years of experience in the field since the official award date of their first Ph.D. at the time of the award presentation can be considered for the Prize. The eligibility periods can be extended by up to 18 months in case of properly documented circumstances such as childbirth, long-term illness, or national service.

Nomination: Candidates can be nominated by any IDS member*, self-nomination will be not considered. The nomination documents are composed of:

1) a nomination letter including a summary in the form of a presentation statement about the scientific work of the candidate of up to 80 words lenght;

2 a Curriculum Vitae of the candidate using the template provided on this page;

3) a complete publication list;

4) one copy of each of the up to three papers (published or in-press, where the nominee is either first or last/corresponding author) under consideration for the Debye Prize;

5) a brief statement of the candidate's contribution to each of those publications;

6) documents supporting any extension of the eligibility terms;

The nomination documents should be submitted in electronic format in a single email, as single or multiple PDF files, to the President of IDS, Professor Ranko Richert (

Award Committee: The Award Committee consists of 3 committee members: a chairperson and two members. The Award Committee chairperson shall be a Board Member and is appointed by the President. Together, the Award Committee chairperson and the President will select two Award Committee members, which shall be Society Members. Members of the Award Committee must be free of any direct relationship (personal, member of the same research team, etc.) to any of the nominees. The Award Committee is responsible for formulating the presentation statement on the scientific work of the winner of the Debye Prize, which will be present on the Prize certificate.

Evaluation: The Award Committee is responsible for the process for evaluation of the nominated scientific work and to verify the eligibility of the candidates. The final decision will be made by the Award Committee.

Timeline The deadline for submission of the nomination documents is May 12, 2024. The winner of the Prize will be officially notified on Sunday August 4, 2024 at latest.

*See IDS member requisites in IDS webpage Scope and Governance.

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