Equipment & Facilities

X-ray diffraction service through DQ-FCT-NOVA:

Application Form to request X-ray service

The X-ray Diffraction facility provides the screening, testing and complete data collection from X-ray diffraction of single crystals, either from protein or small molecule compounds. Data is obtained in the in-house X-ray diffractometer or through access to synchrotron macromolecular crystallography beamlines (ESRF, DIAMOND, SLS, SOLEIL, DESY, ALBA). Dedicated software permits indexing, integration, scaling of data and 3D structure solution. The facility is equipped with a Bruker D8 Venture dual source X-ray generator (copper and molybdenum microfocus X-ray sources), a Photon 100 CMOS detector, and an Oxford cryo-system. A microspectrophotometer is available and can be coupled to the goniometer. 

Protein crystallization robot (Oryx8 from Douglas Instruments Ltd) for sitting drop and microbatch screening and optimization

Protein purification systems

HPLC modular chromatography system, equipped with a LC-20AT Dual Reciprocating Plunger Design, CDD-10AVP conductivity detector, SPD-20AV UV-Vis detector, CTO-10ASVP column oven, DGU-20A3R degassing unit and FRC-10A fraction collector.

The “ÄKTA start” is an easy-to-use chromatography system for protein purification, with real-time control and visualization. The instrument can be controlled in a standalone mode using the incorporated touch screen display or by the UNICORN start control software.

RT-PCR for Thermofluor assays

96-well Real-Time PCR instrument that uses a LED based 4-color optical recording. The equipment is prepared to perform a wide range of genomic Real-Time PCR applications and thermal stability assays with proteins.

UV-Vis Microplate Spectrophotometer

Ideal for life science applications and HTP studies, from protein and DNA/RNA quantification, to ELISAs or enzyme kinetics.

Wet Labs (6.05 and 6.07)

Anaerobic chamber

20ºC and 4ºC crystallization rooms

Crystal handling and cryo-cooling

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