João Pedro Gouveia

Senior Researcher

João Pedro Gouveia has a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies from Nova University and Lisbon University.

His topics of research are on smart cities, low carbon energy systems and related economic and policy analysis; energy efficiency topics, energy poverty and thermal comfort mapping and smart meters data mining. He has also been working on assessing the drivers of household energy consumption, looking at energy services’ demand projections and consumers’ segmentation towards tailor-made energy policies.

João has contributed to three European funded Projects, one for the definition of a decision support tool to prioritize energy efficiency measures in public buildings (PrioritEE), the other related to cities’ energy systems transitions towards low carbon (InSMART), and the last assessing an integrated infrastructure project for CO2 transport and storage (COMET). João has also worked on several policy support studies for the Portuguese Ministry of Environment and Economy on climate change, low carbon pathways, and renewable energy technology assessment (e.g. RNC2050; RNBC2050, PNAC).

He is also a senior fellow for Electricity Generation solutions on United States based Drawdown project.

João is the first author of several peer-reviewed publications and international conference presentations. Prior to his PhD, he completed his Master’s in Environmental Engineering from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal, where he also completed his Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering Sciences. His master thesis topic was on White Certificates - Analysis and Contributions for Portugal.