Research fields

The CENSE group on Energy & Climate, coordinated by Prof. Júlia Seixas, develops research in tools (IEA-TIMES model and GEM-E3) and concepts in the interface of energy systems and climate change. Our main research interests include:

  • Advance on energy system analysis modelling, by linking TIMES technology modelling tool to macroeconomic modelling tools (GEM-E3_PT);

  • Energy (renewables and energy efficiency) and climate (mitigation & adaptation) policies and instruments assessment through modelling and cost-effectiveness analysis;

  • Smart cities: technology options, including energy efficiency; smart meters big data analysis; governance models; individual behaviour and socio-economic drivers;

  • Energy Poverty: high resolution mapping, thermal confort assessment, heating and cooling; and buildings vulnerability;
  • Electric mobility: energy system’s modelling and promotion policies & instruments;

  • CCS technology: as a cost-effective low carbon option;

  • Water-energy nexus: systems assessment and efficient options, focusing on Iberia.