Invited speakers

  • Jorge Almeida (University of Porto)
    ‘Taming the pseudovariety DAb’ (Abstract)
  • Rosemary Bailey (University of St Andrews)
    ‘Designs for half-diallel experiments’ (Abstract)
  • Laurent Bartholdi (Saarland University)
    ‘The domino problem on groups and Schreier graphs’ (Abstract)
  • Peter Cameron (University of St Andrews)
    ‘Permutation groups and transformation semigroups’ (Abstract)
  • James East (Western Sydney University)
    ‘A groupoid approach to regular *-semigroups’ (Abstract)
  • Robert Gray (University of East Anglia)
    ‘Membership problems for positive one-relator groups and one-relation monoids’ (Abstract)
  • Peter Higgins (University of Essex)
    ‘Algebras defined by equations’ (Abstract)
  • Mikoláš Janota (IST, University of Lisbon)
    ‘Automated Combinatorial Solving and Its Applications in Computational Algebra’ (Abstract)
  • Marianne Johnson (University of Manchester)
    ‘Tropical representations and semigroup identities of plactic-like monoids’ (Abstract)
  • Mark Lawson (Heriot-Watt University)
    ‘Higher dimensional generalizations of the Thompson groups via higher rank graphs’ (Abstract)
  • Martin Liebeck (Imperial College London)
    ‘Computing with conjugacy classes in classical groups’ (Abstract)
  • Mark Kambites (University of Manchester)
    ‘Subgroups of Special Inverse Monoids’ (Abstract)
  • Stuart Margolis (Bar Ilan University)
    ‘On the Minimal Degree of Rhodes Semisimple Semigroups’ (Abstract)
  • Benjamin Steinberg (City University of New York)
    ‘The representation theory of the monoid of affine transformations of a vector space over a finite field’ (Abstract)
  • Josef Urban (Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics)
    ‘Some adventures in learning synthesis of mathematical objects and proofs’ (Abstract)
  • Mikhail Volkov
    ‘Strongly nonfinitely based monoids’ (Abstract)