Global sociology and the coronavirus (ISA)

The coronavirus has brought science back to the centre, including in countries where populist leaders used to delegitimize it. Epidemiologists, medical doctors and biologists bring us hard facts: the pandemic progresses every day; it is far worse than a “strong flu” and takes thousands of lives on all continents. Social scientists have come up with facts that are as hard and as unquestionable: while the virus itself is a biological agent that may infect each of us, we are deeply unequal when confronted to it.

Um olhar sociológico - entrevista com M. Carvalho da Silva (CoLABOR)

O Observatório das Desigualdades do ISCTE organiza uma série de entrevista cuja rubrica é "Um olhar sociológico sobre a crise COVID-19" .
Nesta sétima entrevista o tema principal é trabalho, com a participação de Manuel Carvalho da Silva, diretor do Laboratório Colaborativo CoLABOR.