Gold Nanotheranostics: Proof-of-Concept or Clinical Tool?

Pedrosa, Pedro, Raquel Vinhas, Alexandra Fernandes, and Pedro V. Baptista. "Gold Nanotheranostics: Proof-of-Concept or Clinical Tool?" Nanomaterials 5 (2015): 1853-1879.


Nanoparticles have been making their way in biomedical applications and personalized medicine, allowing for the coupling of diagnostics and therapeutics into a single nanomaterial—nanotheranostics. Gold nanoparticles, in particular, have unique features that make them excellent nanomaterials for theranostics, enabling the integration of targeting, imaging and therapeutics in a single platform, with proven applicability in the management of heterogeneous diseases, such as cancer. In this review, we focus on gold nanoparticle-based theranostics at the lab bench, through pre-clinical and clinical stages. With few products facing clinical trials, much remains to be done to effectively assess the real benefits of nanotheranostics at the clinical level. Hence, we also discuss the efforts currently being made to translate nanotheranostics into the market, as well as their commercial impact.

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