European prize for Best MSc Thesis for Beatriz Coelho (MIEMN)

Beatriz Coelho - MSc in Micro & Nanotechnologies - won the Prize the 2017 SPM Prize, which pave the way for the FEMS award to the best master thesis in Europe - “A Digital Microfluidics Platform for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification of DNA”  - Supervised by Rui Igreja (CENIMAT-I3N, DCM, FCT-NOVA) and Pedro V. Baptista (UCIBIO, DCV, FCT-NOVA).

Magnetic nanoparticles for improved diagnsotics of HIV/TB wins the Gilead Genese Prize

The Gilead Genese Prize will be instrumental for the construction of the capture MNPs and validation of molecular assays on patient samples. This endeavor is only possible due to the long-lasting collaboration between IHMT-NOVA TB Group lead by Miguel Viveiros and João Piedade for HIV and the Nanomedicine Group lead by Pedro V. Baptista at UCIBIO, Dept of Life Sciences, FCT-NOVA.

Gold nanoparticles for the control of blood vessels growth

Scientists at UCIBIO, FCT, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa have demonstrated for the first time the potential use of smart nanomaterials for the effective modulation of angiogenesis in vivo.


This was the Nanotheragnostics Table: