Gold Nanoparticles for DNA/RNA-Based Diagnostics

Franco, Ricardo, Pedro Pedrosa, Fábio Ferreira Carlos, Bruno Veigas, and Pedro Viana Baptista. "Gold Nanoparticles for DNA/RNA-Based Diagnostics." In Handbook of Nanoparticles, 1-25. Berlin: Springer, 2015.


The remarkable physicochemical properties of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have prompted development
in exploring biomolecular interactions with AuNPs-containing systems, pursuing biomedical applications
in diagnostics. Among these applications, AuNPs have been remarkably useful for the development of
DNA/RNA detection and characterization systems for diagnostics, including systems suitable for point of
need. Here, emphasis will be on available molecular detection schemes of relevant pathogens and their
molecular characterization, genomic sequences associated with medical conditions (including cancer),
mutation and polymorphism identification, and the quantification of gene expression.

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