Laser irradiation and nanoparticles to destroy cancer cells

We used light irradiation on Gold nanoaprticles to enhance the killing effect of drugs and destroy cancer cells -  see the movie.

Application of photothermal ablation of tumors in the visible mediated by AuNPs is an innovative tool in cancer therapeutics, reducing side effects and resistance to chemotherapy.

Effect of AuNPs and irradiation on doxorubicin (Dox) diffusion in HCT116 spheroids

Colon cancer cells derived 3D spheroids were used to infer the potential of the combination of chemotherapy and Au-nanoparticle photothermal therapy in the visible (green laser of 532 nm). AuNPs induce cell death in the deeper layers of spheroids, which is further potentiated by laser irradiation, allowing for faster and deeper penetration of Dox into the tumor. The combined action, allowed for the loss of spheroid stability almost instantly in post-irradiated spheroids, even with lower Dox concentrations than those commonly used in therapy regimens - see paper here.

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