Sara Babo

Research Summary

In this project acrylic sheet as an artwork material is being studied. Systematic research on acrylic works of art made by the Portuguese artists Lourdes Castro and Ângelo de Sousa will be carried out. This research is aimed at studying the material history, the production techniques and the preservation of the artworks. The study will be carried out with an interdisciplinary approach and developed through eight main tasks: I) survey on the use of acrylic sheet in Portuguese art collections; II) survey on the industrial production of acrylic sheet in Portugal; III) survey and study of the acrylic artworks by Lourdes Castro and Ângelo de Sousa; IV) reproduction of the artists process of construction; V) material characterization; VI) chemical and physical degradation studies; VII) impact of conservation treatments; VIII) case studies. The data obtained will allow predicting degradation processes and lifetime for acrylic sheets. The knowledge about the material’s chemical and physical properties will enable correct diagnosis and accurate decision making on conservation strategies.

PhD Project Title: From object to shadow: Conservation studies on acrylic artworks by Ângelo de Sousa and Lourdes Castro

Supervisors: Joana Lia Ferreira (DCR/UNL-FCT), Maria João Melo (DCR/UNL-FCT) and Ana Maria Ramos (DQ/UNL-FCT).