Cultural property constitutes one of the basic elements of civilization and national culture   UNESCO, 1970

In recognition of the fundamental societal and economic role played by cultural heritage, the Department of Conservation and Restoration is dedicated to training professionals in this discipline to the highest standards. In a field where science, practice and history are completely interdependent, it is critical that PhD level research, while deeply embedded in science, is truly cross-disciplinary.

The doctoral course in The Conservation of Cultural Heritage provides students with training across disciplines, which range from the natural and exact sciences to the social and human sciences and encourages them to pursue inter-disciplinary research which exposes them to different methodologies. The primary purpose of the PhD programme is to prepare and support the student in undertaking and presenting a substantial piece of original research.

PhD proposals are designed such that they can be completed within four years. The awarding of the degree is decided on the basis of the research as presented in the PhD dissertation and on the candidate’s performance in the oral examination.

Admission criteria 

Applications must be made online via the Faculty of Sciences and Technology/UNL and within the dates indicated on the website

The usual minimum requirement for admission to the PhD programme is a Master’s degree or a five-year diploma (licenciatura degree) from a Portuguese university, or a qualification or combination of qualifications considered to be equivalent. Admission to the programme is selective and competitive based on the scoring system established by the Selection Committee (please see ranking criteria). 

The Selection Committee requires the applicant to provide academic transcripts and references and, where applicable, employer references, to confirm the eligibility of the candidate.  An on-campus interview with members of the pre-admissions advisory committee (see Governance) may be also be required while the application is in progress. 

Applicants require a high proficiency in one of the following languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, or Italian.