Mário Bandiera


Research Summary

This project aims to investigate Roman opaque red glass and different red hues by means of a multi-disciplinary approach. A critical literature review will be carried out to identify the unsolved questions regarding Roman opaque red glass and to collect chemical analysis published in the literature in order to highlight the main features of the chemical composition during the Roman age. Opaque red and orange glass with several hues from the opus sectile decoration of Lucius Verus Villa (161-169 AD) will be analysed by multi-analytical approach. The scientific investigation will establish the colorimetric hues of the samples, the base glass composition and it will identify the chemical and structural composition of the colouring particles. Reproduction test in laboratory will help to understand how specific compounds (iron, tin, lead, phosphorus, antimony) affect the formation of opaque red colour. The results from these three points will help to clarify question still open about the manufacturing of opaque red glass during the Roman age.

PhD Project Title: Technological study and chemical-archaeometric characterization of Roman opaque red glass of 2nd century A.D. in the Gorga Collection.

Supervisors: Marcia Vilarigues (VICARTE, DCR FCT NOVA, Portugal), Marco Verità (LAMA laboratory, Venice, Italy)