Ailin Chen 

Research Summary

The PhD project is based on the paintings and drawings by the Portuguese artist Amadeo de Souza Cardoso. The current investigation encompasses both brushstroke and material analysis where both aspects are considered equally important in terms of the determination on the authenticity, conservation and restoration of Amadeo’s paintings. The research follows the previous work on this subject and intends to improve the original method in order to best serve the purpose of authentication and degradation of Amadeo’s paintings and drawings. The study focuses on the examination on both aspects where deep learning method, in particular neural network, is used as the major tool for the analysis. It also evaluates its generalisation on paintings and drawings by other artists and other genres and is deemed to contribute to the development of a more generic method for the non-destructive evaluation and identification of artwork. 

PhD Project Title: Using Deep Learning Techniques for Authentication of Amadeo de Souza Cardoso Paintings and Drawings.

Supervisors: Rui Jesus (NOVA LINCS, FCT NOVA, Portugal), Marcia Vilarigues (VICARTE, DCR FCT NOVA, Portugal)