European Doctorate diploma regulations

The European Doctorate diploma is approved by the EUA (European University Association) and can be delivered to those that have been approved in the final examination of the PhD programme on TA. The conditions for that areexpressed in the regulations published by the Universidade Nova Lisbon here:


Research team per institution

Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais (CICS.Nova)

Antonio Paulo Brandao Moniz de Jesus - Coordinator of the FCT-UNL pole
Jose Maria Mendes Ribeiro de Freitas Albuquerque - Collaborator researcher
Susana Cristina dos Santos Gomes Martins Moretto - Collaborator researcher
Maria João Ferreira Maia - Collaborator researcher
Nuno Filipe França Gouveia Boavida - Integrated researcher

Strategy and aims

The PhD Programme on Technology Assessment is a 3rd cycle graduate programme proposed in the context of the European Union “Bologna Treaty”. This programme of doctoral studies is structured to offer students high quality training in interdisciplinary research. It is a programme that combines academic and scientific/technical training, as well as educational and economic goals. The duration of the programme is typically 4 years.